Haydari is a traditional Turkish meze dish made from thick strained yogurt, fresh dill, mint, garlic, chopped walnuts, and feta cheese. It can be served as solely as meze, or as a side dish alongside kebabs and grilled meats. In Turkish cuisine and Ottoman cuisine; mezes are divided into two types which are cold mezes …

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Roasted Spinach with yogurt

Roasted Spinach

Roasted spinach is one of the most refreshing olive oil dishes of Turkish cuisine. Due to its high nutritional value and containing anti-cancer components, spinach is among the indispensable dishes of today’s Turkish cuisine. It is an important food source for people suffering from iron deficiency due to its high iron content. Spinach is preferred in …

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Kalamar; in Italian ‘Calamari’, in Spanish ‘Calamar’ and in English ‘Squid’, is one of the most common sea animals in the world. This sea animal is also accepted as a culinary name among some of the Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey. In Turkey, Kalamar is considered one of the most beloved …

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Circassian Chicken

Circassian Chicken

Circassian Chicken in Turkish ‘Çerkez Tavuğu’, is a dish of shredded boiled chicken, crushed walnuts, and stale bread. This magnificent dish has adopted by Ottoman cuisine during the early 17th century from the Circassia region. In the beginning, it was serving as a main dish at the Ottoman palaces; but in today’s Turkish cuisine, it …

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