Rakı is Turkey’s signature and national alcoholic beverage made of distilled grapes and aniseed. It is also called Aslan Sütü in Turkey’s social life which means Lion’s Milk in English. Rakı is the go-to alcoholic beverage for us to celebrate a new business or a birthday or to mute the pain of losing a loved one. …

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Şalgam is a root vegetable that grows widely in the Mersin and Adana cities of Turkey. When we look at the Turkish-English dictionary, the Şalgam word means Turnip in English. Most people think that it is equal to Turnip, however, it is not. Turnip is one of the ingredients of the Şalgam beverage. You can …

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Ayran is a yogurt-based beverage that is mixed with salt and ice cubes. It is the most popular drink in Turkey and other Turkish Nations. Ayran can be considered as the Turkish national drink since the discovery of yogurt. It is such a refreshing drink that can be your best buddy in hot summers. On …

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Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Do you know why it is called Turkish coffee? It is because it refers to the preparation method of coffee in the Turkish way. Turkish Coffee means finely grounded coffee. I have to tell you that Turkey doesn’t have its own coffee beans. Imported Arabica type of coffee beans grinds at special coffee grinding machines …

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Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea

We, Turks love to start the day with tea, not with coffee so Turkish Tea has an important role in our lives. Do you feel so full after a meal? Brew some tea. Is your friend on her way to you? Brew some tea. You may ask yourself why on earth a recipe blog is …

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