Tarator, a popular side dish, and appetizer in Turkish and Balkan cuisine, is a refreshing and easy-to-make recipe that is perfect for hot summer days. With different variations available, the traditional recipe can be made with various ingredients such as cucumber, carrot, iceberg lettuce, walnut kernels, tahini, and purple cabbage, to name a few. Today, …

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beyti kebab

Beyti Kebab

Beyti Kebab is another famous kebab variety of Turkish cuisine that is basically made with grilled ground beef wrapped in phyllo dough sheets and topped with tomato sauce and served together with the yogurt. This tasteful kebab variety is named by Beyti Güler, the owner of the popular steakhouse restaurant called Beyti in Istanbul. Beyti …

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Arnavut Cigeri

Arnavut Ciğeri

Arnavut Ciğeri (Albanian Liver) is one of the most beloved meze variety of Turkish cuisine that you can simply find it almost at any kebab restaurant in Turkey. It is made with calf liver and goes very well with all kebab types. At first, it may look like just a plain fried liver to you; …

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