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Tarhana is one of the famous soups of traditional Turkish cuisine. It has invented by the Central Asian Turks long time ago. It is one of the most common soups at the Anatolia region of Turkey. Tarhana is the fermented...


‘Rakı’ is Turkey’s signature and national alcoholic beverage that made of distilled grapes and aniseed. It is also called as ‘Aslan Sütü’ in Turkey’s social life which means ‘Lion’s Milk’ in English. Rakı is the go-to drink for us to...
Yogurt Soup or Yayla Çorbası is one of the famous soups of classic Turkish cuisine. In our cuisine, there are countless varieties of soups, but only a few are very common at every region of Turkey and Yogurt Soup is one of them. In Turkish...


‘Menemen’ is a delicious Turkish egg dish which can be considered as the easiest dish of the Turkish Cuisine. We love to eat this delicious ‘Menemen’ dish at breakfasts, at lunches and even at dinners. It may seem like...
'Turkish Red Lentil Soup' is the most famous soup of Turkish cuisine. The main ingredients of this delicious soup are red lentils, flour, butter, onion, carrot and potato. We called it ‘Mercimek Çorbası’ and for me it is the...



Stuffed Green Pepper

Stuffed Green Pepper is a popular dish that made of green bell peppers, rice, pine nuts and currants. In Turkish cuisine, we called stuffed dishes...

Spinach Börek

‘Spinach Börek’, in Turkish ‘Ispanaklı Börek’, is one of the most common ‘Börek’ varieties in Turkish Cuisine. Börek is a type of savory pastry,...



'Katmer' is another delicious dessert that native to Gaziantep city of Turkey. It is a crisp phyllo dough dessert which contains pistachios and clotted...
Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight