Spicy Ezme

Spicy Ezme

‘Spicy Ezme’ is the harmonization of mashed tomatoes, long green peppers, red peppers, and other delicious ingredients. ‘Spicy Ezme’ served as a starter at Kebab restaurants with either toasted bread or pita aside. A perfect ‘Spicy Ezme’ can only be made with top-quality tomatoes and spices so that you have the best flavor. Also, you …

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Zeytinyagli Barbunya

Zeytinyağlı Barbunya

‘Zeytinyağlı Barbunya’ is one of the classic olive oil dishes of Turkish cuisine. It may call ‘Olive Oil Shell Beans’ in English. It is a favorite meze of the most restaurants in Turkey and no one can resist. You can choose as a starter or a main dish if you are on a diet. But I strongly recommend you to eat this delicious dish as …

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