beyti kebab

Beyti Kebab

Beyti Kebab is another famous kebab variety of Turkish cuisine that is basically made with grilled ground beef wrapped in phyllo dough sheets and topped with tomato sauce and served together with the yogurt. This tasteful kebab variety is named by Beyti Güler, the owner of the popular steakhouse restaurant called Beyti in Istanbul. Beyti …

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Clay Pot Meatballs

Clay Pot Meatballs

Clay pots are very important cookware for both Turkish and Ottoman cuisines. There are countless dishes are made in clay pots in both Turkish and Ottoman cuisines. Clay Pot Meatballs, in Turkish Güveçte Köfte, is one of the most popular meat dishes among these dishes. Clay pot Meatball is also considered one of the easiest …

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Hunkar Begendi

Hünkar Beğendi

Hünkar Beğendi, in English Sultan’s Delight, is one of the signature dishes of Ottoman cuisine. It is a classic lamb dish that is served with roasted eggplant with cheese in a béchamel sauce. It has been in our cuisine for about 150 years. For a dish, this time frame may sound relatively new to Ottoman …

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Chickpea stew

Chickpea Stew

Chickpea Stew is another classic juicy dish of Turkish cuisine. There are two main versions of this stew. The one with meat and the other one is without meat. For the meaty one, you can make it either with lamb cubes or chicken breast meat. You may ask yourself; is there any dish that exists …

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Kuru Fasulye

Kuru Fasulye

Kuru Fasulye, or in English Turkish White Beans Stew, is probably the most famous juicy dish of Ottoman cuisine. It is a juicy meat dish that has plenty of white beans, chopped tomatoes, and sliced long green peppers in it. If you are a vegetarian and following my blog; after you read the first paragraph …

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