Gözleme is a traditional savory Turkish homemade flatbread that has different fillings in it. Its dough is made with only flour, salt, and water. At first, it may look like a big Bazlama bread; however, Gozleme doesn’t have sugar and dry yeast in it. Gözleme was first founded in the Anatolia region centuries ago. You …

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Çibörek is one of the most well-known börek varieties of Crimea and Central Asia Tatars who migrate to Turkey. ‘Çi’ word means ‘delicious’ in Tatar language and yes, it is a very delicious börek that no one can resist. The Tatars are one of the ancient Turkic people who are living in a very wide …

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Pacanga Boregi

Paçanga Böreği

Paçanga Böreği is a famous Anatolian region pastry (börek) that made with phyllo sheets, pastırma (Turkish pastrami) and cheese. In Turkey, ‘Paçanga Böreği’ is a much-loved pastry considering the other pastry varieties because of its delicious ‘Pastrami’ ingredient. The main ingredients of Paçhanga Böreği are pastırma, phyllo sheets, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and green peppers. ‘Pastırma’ …

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‘Simit’ is a circle-shaped bread that can consider as Turkish fast food. I said fast food because you can find Simit almost in every corner of city centers in Turkey. It is such a popular street food that widely sells on the streets. It is also the cheapest way of filling your stomach in Turkey. …

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Spinach Borek

Spinach Börek

‘Spinach Börek’, in Turkish ‘Ispanaklı Börek’, is one of the most common ‘Börek’ varieties in Turkish Cuisine. Börek is a type of savory pastry, which is made of thin layer dough known as phyllo (or yufka). In Turkish cuisine, this taste has a special place. We prefer to eat Börek at breakfasts; however, it is …

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