Kalburabastı dessert is one of the most famous sugar syrup desserts of Turkish cuisine. If you are a fan of desserts that has sugar syrup in them, Kalburabastı dessert is for you.  It has been made in our cuisine since the Ottoman Era. If you are not familiar with the Turkish language, the name of …

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Turkish cuisine is famous for its delicious milk desserts and Güllaç is one of them. Güllaç is a traditional Ramadan dessert that dates back to Ottoman Era. This delicious dessert is very popular during Ramadan month because it is very light and easy to prepare. The Güllaç word is derived from the combination of Güllü …

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Katmer is another delicious dessert that is native to Gaziantep city of Turkey. It is a crisp phyllo dough dessert that contains pistachios and clotted cream in it. Gaziantep city locals start the day with this dessert. They prefer to eat it at breakfast because pistachio nuts increase energy levels and reduce morning fatigue. There …

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Sütlaç is a light dessert that is simply made with milk, sugar, and rice. Sütlaç dessert is in Turkish culinary culture for more than 400 years.  Today, It is widely known as Turkish Rice Pudding around the globe. You may have seen this dessert mostly in clay pots; it is because in Turkish culinary culture, we …

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Asure and/or Ashura; which is known as Noah’s Dessert in English, is one of the most popular desserts in Turkish cuisine. It is generally served on the 10th day of Muharram Month which is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is an ingredient-rich dessert that is made with grains, pulses, dried fruits, and …

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