Main Dishes

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‘Cacık’ is another fantastic side dish that we have in our cuisine. Yogurt, water, cucumber, and garlic are the main ingredients of ‘Cacık’. It is the best wingman of the most main dishes in Turkish cuisine. For centuries we loved to prepare and consume ‘Cacık’. In Turkey, some restaurants offer ‘Cacık’ as a meze and some offer …

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In Turkey, there is a saying; if she cooks good pilaf, then she can cook any dish. As you see from this quote, pilaf is that important dish for Turkish cuisine. Pilaf is our number one side dish without a doubt. You can even see pilaf cars on the streets of Istanbul. It is a very common side …

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Chicken Saute

Chicken Saute

‘Chicken Saute’ is one of the favorite main dishes of Turkish cuisine. It is very easy and economical to prepare. It is made with chicken breast and many other ingredients that can add different flavors to the dish. You may find chicken breast tasteless; however, the ingredients we are going to use will change your …

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Kadinbudu Kofte

Kadınbudu Köfte

‘Kadınbudu Köfte’ in English ‘‘Woman Thigh Meatballs’ is a classic Turkish cuisine dish. Our language is quite interesting when it comes to giving names to the dishes. ‘Kadınbudu Köfte’ is mainly the combination of egg, flour, meat, and rice. You may think that what kind of a meatball has flour in it but to give …

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