‘Rakı’ is Turkey’s signature and national alcoholic beverage that made of distilled grapes and aniseed. It is also called as ‘Aslan Sütü’ in Turkey’s social life which means ‘Lion’s Milk’ in English. Rakı is the go-to drink for us to celebrate a new business or a birthday or to mute the pain of losing a loved one. On the other hand, you can’t just drink ‘Rakı’ with anyone at anywhere and at any time. It is a special drink that carries a ‘how to drink’ ritual in it.

The History of Rakı.

No one knows where or when this alcoholic beverage was first invented. The only certain thing is that the history of ‘Rakı’ does not go as far back as beer or wine. In middle east countries the drink is known by various names like Arak, Araki, Ariki which obviously shows that all come from the same region.

There are different stories about the etymology of the term ‘Rakı’. Some say, the term ‘Rakı’ comes from the Razaki type of grape that has large, long and thick-shelled grains. Some say, the term comes from the Turkmen region of Iraq and it’s called ‘Iraqi’ which means “coming from Iraq”.

Even though there is no certain evidence where and how this term was first produced, it is accepted by almost every country in the world that it was first produced on Ottoman soils and then spread to worldwide.

History of Raki

How to drink Rakı?

The ritual of drinking ‘Rakı’ realizes around a table and we call it as ‘Rakı Sofrası’, in English ‘Rakı Table’. The table itself is not the special one but the people with whom we are sitting around that table are. We drink Rakı with our loved ones like close friends, and/or with our family members. We consider it as the gathering drink not the lone man’s drink.

Also, Rakı has very interesting and mysterious power that it opens up even the most reserved people. For this reason ‘Rakı Sofrası’ also called as ‘Çilingir Sofrası’, in English ‘Locksmith’s Table’. This may sound funny, but it is true that this drink has such power.

Raki on the tableWhen it comes to the menu of the ‘Rakı Table’, it varies. You can drink it with only white cheese and melon or with endless delicious Turkish cuisine’s mezes and dishes. My personal preference is with white cheese and melon; however, most of my friends like to drink it with fish and/or kebab. When you are drinking it with your friends, the conversation usually starts with the gentle subjects of daily life. After a glass or two the subject comes to matters of the heart. And then the politics follows. Keeping it at two glasses or three glasses would be the best if you are not a pro drinker because it contains 45% alcohol in it.

Rakı Preparation.

As I mention above, Rakı is a special drink that even has its own style of glasses. First of all, the Rakı glass must be thin and when you are toasting you need to hear the glass clinking echo sound. This is only possible at thin glasses. When drinking it, usually each person has two glasses in front of him/her. The first one for Rakı and the second one for the water.

When it comes to how to prepare it, the best is to put a little water first, then Raki and then water is poured into the glass. This is the drinking method of Aydın Boysan who was a well know Turkish architect, academic, author, essayist and a pro Rakı drinker. He was one of a great character in Turkey’s recent history that passed away in January 2018 at the age of 96. He has countless sayings about ‘Rakı’.

One of them, which I like most was; I have been married with Rakı for 70 years and I have been married to my wife for 60 years. So I need to drink 10 years to give the decision to marry. Another one is; The ones, who is not drinking it because it is a sin, are doing wrong. Sane drunkenness is the rehearsal of the heaven.


aydin boysan

If you are a first timer, just put Rakı first and then add the water. The ratio of the Rakı depends on the drinker. Some loves to drink it ‘Sec’ (French word to express ‘dry’ or ‘without water’) with ice, but the best and the common ratio is 50% Rakı and 50% water and leaving a finger thickness space at the top of the glass for adding the ice. One small tip; always drink it cold with or without ice but cold.


Where to drink Rakı?

You can drink Rakı in any restaurant or bar which serves alcoholic beverages in Turkey. Most people prefer to go fish restaurants, kebab restaurants or meyhane to drink it. When I want to drink Rakı, I prefer to go to ‘Meyhane’ which is a restaurant type in Turkey that mainly serves alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, vodka and ‘rakı’ with special mezes and traditional foods. You can consider ‘meyhane’ as the Turkish version of taverns.

If you stop by in Turkey for business or vacation, do not leave the country without trying this magnificent alcoholic beverage. It is a must have drink between the foreigners once they come to Turkey. If you which I bet you will like, you can easily find it in your country because Turkey is importing seven continents this traditional Turkish alcoholic beverage.

It is impossible to write everything about this special alcoholic drink in a blog post but I tried my best to explain the basics and the importance of drinking Rakı in Turkish culture.

ŞEREFE. (Cheers in English).



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