Kokoreç is a delicious food that is made from baby lamb’s sweetbread, small intestine and large intestine. After the all ingredients cleaned and rinsed, it wrap onto cast iron skewer and then cook on the charcoal grill. Once it cook on charcoal fire, it is serve with in bread or on plate with various spice seasonings. Kokoreç widely consumes in Turkey, Azerbaijan and some other Turkic countries. There is no specific evidence when it first found and involved to Turkish cuisine.

Kokorec on charcoal grill

In other countries, such as in the Balkans or in the Greece, they also cook Kokoreç look alike food. In the Balkans, they call it ‘Kukuruz’ and in Greece they call it Kokoretsi. Turkish Kokoreç is different than the Balkans and Greece look alike ones in terms of how it prepares and tastes.

In the Balkans and Greek cuisine, they use lamb offal such as liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. In Turkey, we only use small intestine, large intestine and sweetbread (thymus gland) to make Kokoreç and we do not add any additional ingredients. This is the main difference with Turkish Kokoreç and other cultures’ look alike ones.

Today, Kokoreç is also very popular food among the foreigners and expats who live in Turkey. It is so popular that even China Food Association send their personnel to negotiate with the Turkish Exporters Assembly to import monthly 50MT (Metric Tonnes) of Kokoreç to China. Unfortunately, our officials kindly rejected to export because the monthly production of this magnificent taste barely meets the demand in Turkey.

Where to eat Kokoreç?

In Turkey, there are countless Kokoreç restaurants and street food sellers that you can eat this delicious food; however, there is one restaurant that I love the most. The name of the restaurant called ‘Ozzie’s Kokoreç’ and it is located in the Taksim / Dolapdere district in Istanbul. It is a very small Kokoreç restaurant, but the taste of the Kokoreç that I eat there is simply amazing. It is by far the best that I have ever tasted so far. The restaurant is in service since 1968 and I am strongly recommending you to stop by at this restaurant if you visit Istanbul.

How it is made?

Kokoreç is in one of those food varieties that you may not want to prepare it by your self. It is because, Kokoreç needs to be cleaned and prepared by the professionals. As it made from lamb intestines and sweetbread, they need to be cleaned well and suitable to consume. So for this reason, instead of giving its recipe that I usually do at the end of my each post, this time I just want to introduce this delicious taste to you as a regular post.

How it is served?

If you buy it from the street food seller, it usually serves as chopped form in the half bread. On the other hand, if you prefer to eat it at a restaurant, then you will have an option to request it on the plate either finely chopped or cut in round form. Either way is good, but I prefer to eat as chopped form in the bread instead of eating on plate.

Kokorec Serving



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