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‘Bazlama’ is a simple and delicious folk bread that is mostly cooked in specially designed outdoor rock ovens for centuries in Turkish culture. This heritage is still continuing in the Turkish villages today. Whenever you go to a village in Turkey, you can see smoke comes from the backyards of some houses. That smoke shows …

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Kadinbudu Kofte

Kadınbudu Köfte

‘Kadınbudu Köfte’ in English ‘‘Woman Thigh Meatballs’ is a classic Turkish cuisine dish. Our language is quite interesting when it comes to giving names to the dishes. ‘Kadınbudu Köfte’ is mainly the combination of egg, flour, meat, and rice. You may think that what kind of a meatball has flour in it but to give …

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Orman Kebabi

Orman Kebabı

‘Orman Kebabı’ or in English ‘Forest Kebab’ is one of the famous dishes of Bolu city of Turkey. ‘Orman Kebabı’ is a juicy meat dish that has plenty of peas and sliced potatoes in it. When I went to Bolu city, I have asked the locals about the story of ‘Orman Kebabı’ and why and who …

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